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Vincent Asaro was born in 1973 in Long Island, NY, the youngest of four children. He started putting his stories on paper the moment he could write; unsurprisingly, his first story, written at the age of six, was about a rabbit! He completed his first novel at the age of fifteen. Vincent’s mother instilled in him a love of books at an early age: she got each of her children their own library card before they could even read, making weekly library visits a habit. The first real novel he read was “Moby Dick,” after being obsessed with an audio-drama version at his local library, which he insisted on hearing every time he went there. After that, a profound love for science fiction and fantasy took root and he devoured all of the classics, from Wells and Verne to Herbert and Ellison. He has been everything from a professional musician and lead singer for a heavy-metal band, to a book and album reviewer, to a full time adult college student studying anthropology and a published poet; he also spent twenty years in retail bookselling. His interests include: anthropology and natural history, Pre-Colonial American history, language, music, following horse racing, and cartoon art (he is fanatically devoted to comic books, classic comic strips, and animation). CARROT FIELD took 19 years to complete and get published, it is his first published novel. He presently resides in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Vincent is represented by Stephen Barbara (Splendors and Glooms, Delirium, The Big Splash) and Foundry Media. Visit Vincent's Website

Books By Vincent Asaro

Carrot FieldCarrot Field

Friendship, loyalty and courage in the face of great evil.